E-mu Systems EIIIXP/XS Operating System

Operating System Versions

The Emulator IIIx was released with a stripped down version of the EIII Operating System – EIIIx OS Version 1.0. However it was quickly upgraded with new DSP features, that went beyond the EIII capability (thanks to the EIIIx G-Chip).

You can check your OS version number from Master/Globals Module 8, Special 6.

OS 2.10
The latest version of the Opearting System, which added very useful Akai and Emax II file imports over SCSI.

  • Akai S1000/S1000 File Import – full translation via SCSI
  • EMAX II File Import – full transalation via SCSI
  • Time Compression – changes length without altering pitch
  • Pitch Change – changes pitch without altering length
  • Transform Multiplication – multiplies two samples to create a hybrid
  • Doppler/PAN – moves sample in 2D space with pitch correction
  • Exciter – adds brilliance or ‘cut’ to a sample

OS 2.03
This version adds some nice DSP effects

  • Sample Calculator – calculates perfect single-cycle loops
  • Change Gain – alters the level of all or part of a sample
  • Sample Rate Convert – any rate from 7-50kHz
  • Digital Tuning – retunes samples by +/-1 octave
  • Compressor – full-function dynamic compressor
  • Parametric EQ – Digital EQ with 12dB boost and 48dB cut
  • Reverse Section – reverses all or part of a sample
  • Stereo-Mono – converts Mono to Stereo and vice versa
  • Swap Sides – swaps the sides of a stereo sample
  • DC Filter – removes DC offset from sample
  • Flip-Flop Keys – toggle Note On (press a key to start a sample, press again to turn it off — useful for long sound effect ambiences)
  • Polyphonic Portamento – Glide with time up to 32 seconds/octave
  • EG Attack Slope – selectable Envelope Attack, Linear or Logarithmic

OS 1.31
This version added support for the EIIIx Remote Control software, plus:

  • Audition Sample from Hard Disk – to listen to samples on hard disk in real time before they are loaded
  • Scrub Wheel Editing – Use the pitch wheel to move quickly through a digital processing effect
  • Sample Memory Defragmentation – defrags the sample memory thereby making long sampling sessions quicker
  • Monitor Through Sampling – You can listen to the main outputs as you sample
  • SCSI Problems with the Mac Quadra eliminated
  • Undo mode is saved in EEPROM
  • Cursors editing of samples works properly

OS 1.12
This is an early version – possibly first customer ship.