Music – Themed Online Games

We introduce you to the music games where you will continue to learn with new activities and practice the language aspects of music in a playful and fun way, but from another perspective. Challenge your friends to see who knows more and print the medals of the mussel.

  1. Discovering the sounds. – A game to recognize and associate the different sounds that the game poses to us with its image. We present two games exploring the sounds of animals and discovering the sounds of the city.

How to play? Each game contains ten images and ten sounds. However, only eight are presented in the game. When it sounds, we have to press the icon that we believe is the one that corresponds to that sound. If it’s not the right one, the wallpaper will turn red and keep ringing until we guess what the music is.

  1. Notes from DO to DO – Discover where the records live on the staff thanks to the characters in Eva Alonso’s short story ” The Note House.” You will also see where they are located on the piano keys.

How to play? Place the mouse pointer on the Note face, and you’ll hear the musical note and our character will explain who it is. If you click on the record, there will be a presentation of the note that will tell where it lives on the keyboard.

  1. Musimpiadas is a game for three reading exercises and three dictation exercises for children 2 to 5 years old. It plays with educational notes and gets a lot of medals.

How to play? – To begin, we have prepared 3 Tests with the Mi-sun notes always accompanied by C and RE that will serve as heating in each game. For these first three levels, we have used the setting of the story “The House of notes” by Eva Alonso.

  1. Perfect Piano – If you like playing the piano or you want to become a pianist, this is the ideal game for you. It is a game to test your skills and to help you stay relaxed with favorite classical music.

How to play? You should tap the black colored tiles so you can match the rhythm of the song you are playing. If you draw the pipes that are in the lower third on the screen, you will receive a maximum score.

  1. Pimp your Guitar – imagine that you are a famous rock star and you would have the possibility to make your guitar. Pimp your guitar will make this dream to come true. This is a game where you can design your guitar, ideal for your needs, and you will be ready to start to rock out.
  2. Karaoke Resort – In this game, you can discover your star potential, maybe there is a hidden popstar.

How to play? – By clicking on the circles on the left side, you will create the look of your popstar and by clicking “Sing,” you will be able to sing. Have fun!